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Agreement of utilization

Agreements of utilization of Korea share trip platform MustGoKorea

Article 1 (object)

This agreement define the responsibilities and rights of the company and users regarding the services provided by Korea share trip platform MustGoKorea (hereafter called platform) operated by ActivityKOREACORPORATION (hereafter called “company”).

Article 2 (definition)
  • 1,, which operated by company is a virtual business place to offer tourism contents and mission service to encourage people to travel in Korea by using IT service.
  • 2. User means the people who access site, and use the services provided by the site as a member or nonmember.
  • 3. Member means that one who register in the service by providing his/ her personal detail, or one who provide his /her personal detail through personal detail, to use the service provided, and to consistently receive the information by the company.
  • 4. nonmember means that one who use the service provided by the company without registration.
  • 5. Guest means that a member who can participate in the Mission by using the service.
    Host means that a member who provide a Mission by using the service.
  • 6. Contents mean that all information published on the site including member introduction, consumer reviews, and pictures.
Article 3. (Elucidation and amendment of terms)
  • 1. This service display the contents of terms, name of the company, address, the name of representative, business number, contact details (phone, fax, e-mail address and so on) on the start-up screen to let users aware.
  • 2. The service can be amended in a range that does not violate Act on the Regulation of the agreement, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, and promote the use of Information and Communication Network Act, Act on the door-to-door sales, consumer protection laws
  • 3. When the service amend the agreement, the reason of amendment, and present agreement will be shown on start-up screen 7 days before until the day before it applies. If there is no objection expressed by users, it is considered to be agreed.
  • 4. In the case of amendment of the service agreement, the revised Terms and Conditions apply only to contracts concluded after its effective date, and the previous terms and conditions still apply for contracts that have already been concluded in the past. However, if the user has express his intention to follow the revised agreement within the notice period pursuant to Article 3, of the contract is governed by the revised Terms and Conditions.
  • 5. Unmentioned details and interpretation of these terms and conditions not specified in this agreement is subject to electronic commerce consumer protection guidelines, and relevant regulations enacted by the government or commercial practices.
Article 4 (the provision and amendment of service)
  • 1. Service performs the following tasks.
  • -offering tourism information of Korea, and signing share-travel promise
  • - Other services including tourism contents and reviews
  • 2. The service do not involve in the contracts concluded between hosts and guests. However, the service does its best to provide safe information for the mutual trust including personal information and user’s reviews.
  • 3.the service provide a platform where users to upload contents and to enable mutual connection, but the responsibilities of the contents belong to the original author of the contents.
  • 4. Users have responsibility to save the information displayed on the web-site, and to save the information in a separated storing medium. They are needed for the purpose of evident and accounting.
Article 5 (termination of the service)
  • 1. The service may stop temporarily in the case of maintenance of computers and telecommunications equipment, replacement, failures and disruptions. It also may stop temporarily, or provide limited service in the case of In a natural disaster or uncontrollable conditions
  • 2. If the service cessation takes place under paragraph (1), the service must notify the service user in the manner specified in Article 8.
  • 3. The service compensates the loss and damages of users and third party due to temporarily service cessation when it is proved.
  • 4. If the company is unable to provide the service for reasons of conversion of business events, the abandonment of the business, and integration services, the service will notify the user in the manner specified in Article 8.
Article 6 (membership registration)
  • 1. The user must apply for membership by the intention to agree to these terms, then fill in the membership information in accordance with the prescribed service subscription form.
  • 2. Users of the service are to be filed as a member, when applied to be a member according to article 1, as long as a member who does not correspond to each issue under.
  • - If an applicant has lost the membership in the past by Article 7, paragraph 3 of this agreement, but it is considered as an exception when the users readmitted as a member after the period of 3 years.
  • - in the cases of false registration information, omission and misdescription.
  • - when the applicants is considered severely disagreeable to Socially Accepted Rationale.
  • 3. The completion of registration as a member will be the time, when consent from the service is delivered to the applicant
  • 4. members must notify the changes of registration information by electric mail or other means pursuant to Article 15, paragraph 1 of agreement.
Article 7 (Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification)
  • 1. Members can request a withdrawal at any time in the service, and the service will process the membership withdrawal immediately. However, a member must complete the process of any ongoing missions or be withdrawn or canceled before the member request withdrawal, penalty due to the withdrawal or cancellation of the mission will be borne by this member
  • 2. If a member corresponding to each of the following reasons, the service can restrict or stop the membership.
  • - if a member have registered false information during the application
  • - providing false information when registering for the Mission
  • - Interfering with the usage of service of others, or if you threaten the electronic trading system, such as to stealing other’s information
  • - in the case of personal insults, racial discrimination, and usage of unsuitable words opposed to Socially accepted rationale
  • - stealing someone else's identity
  • - Trading personal information of members or induce other members to move to other web-sites
  • - Distorting the transparency of service by using false reviews and evaluation against hosts, guests and missions
  • 3. If a member corresponding to each of the following reasons, the service can cancel the membership.
  • - In case, during a membership has been restricted or stopped, if the same action has repeated more than twice, or the action has not corrected within 15 days.
  • - in the case a member try to induce people to participate in the mission that is against to Socially accepted rationale
Article 8 (notice to members)
  • 1. the service can notify members through registered e-mail address or telephone number of members
  • 2. the service can give notification by displaying on the notice board more than 7 days, and it is considered to equivalent to individual notice, however, important notice will be delivered individually.
Artice 9 (the use of service)
  • 1. Users are required to provide the basic information required in the service description and legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Additional information may be indicated depending on the services of the information policy.
  • 2. Users must not enter irrelevant information about the service. The service can delete or prohibit the disclosure of information is determined to be false or to be irrelevant, without prior notification to the user.
  • 3. Cost for mission-registration of the host does not occur
  • 4. The information of a host about the mission should not infringe the rights of third parties, if it happens, the host is fully responsible.
  • 5. The host, who register a mission, is responsible for compliance with applicable laws of local and central government.
  • 6. Guests are required to use the service after confirming the exact conditions of mission and conditions of participation stipulated in the Service
Article 10. (Termination of contract)
  • 1. Users of the contract term is not defined separately
  • 2. User agreement may be terminated without notice. The contract already occulted will be conducted even after the termination of contract.
  • 3. the Services will not be held liable for minor violations of share-Traveling. The service will not be liable for legal liability based on fraudulent concealment or service quality guarantees for recognition, the requirements of quality of service offered, and demand compensation for health, life and injury.
  • 4. As the liability of the service is excluded or limited, it also applies to employees, agents and clocks.
Article 11. (privacy)
  • 1. Services will collect the minimum information necessary for the implementation of the purchase agreement of the user. And the following list is mandatory, but other information is optional.
  • - name
  • - e-mail address
  • - passwords (for members)
  • 2. When the service is to collect personally identifiable information on individual users, the service must receive the consent of the user concerned.
  • 3. Personal information provided cannot be provided to third parties or used for other purposes without the consent of the user concerned, all the responsibility for this is the service, however, with the exception of the following cases.
  • - In case of providing in a form that cannot identify a specific individual, and when it is necessary for academic research, market research or statistics.
  • 4. If the service that requires agreement of the user by the second paragraph and the third paragraph , the identity of the personal information manager (position, name and phone number and other contact information), the information collection object and purpose of use, the information about the third party provide relevant information (provided receiving party, provided the purpose and content of the information to be provided) and so on promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Act Article 16 the third paragraph should be pre-specified or notice a regulatory matters, and the user can withdraw this consent at any time.
  • 5. The user can request to inspect and error correction to their personal information at any time with the service and the service is obliged to take the necessary measures without delay against it. If the user needs to correct the error, the service does not use the personal information until the error is corrected.
  • 6. Services that can minimize the administrator to limit the loss of privacy and personal information, Service is all responsible for damages caused to the user such as theft, leakage and modulation,
  • 7. Service or from third parties who received personal information should destroy personal information without delay, when you achieve a goal or purpose with the received personal information.
Article 12 (the obligation of service)
  • 1. The service accepts prohibition of legislation and agreement, and not to act contrary to public order or morals. The service must do their best to provide services in forms of goods and services to sustain this agreement.
  • 2. Services must meet the security system to protect personal information of the user so that the user can safely use the Internet service.
  • 3 The service is liable for the damages of users, and obliged to compensate the damage of goods and services according to article 3, relevant to unfair display and advertisements of "display • Act on the fairness of the advertising."

Privacy Policy

Activities Korea Co., Ltd. (the "Company") is and look for the privacy of our customers, with regard to the protection of personal information comply with privacy regulations on the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection," and privacy laws, Our company providing a procedure that you can click the "I agree" button or the "Cancel" button for the content of our privacy policy by customers, clicking on the "accept" button will be considered agreeing to the policy of personal information collection and use of information handling.

1. The purpose of collecting and using personal information

The company will utilize the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • ① Providing mission service and user reviews afterward
  • ② customer care - personal identification for the use of the service, prevention of fraud and unauthorized use defective member, confirmation of subscribe / unsubscribe intention, age verification, complaint handling, notices delivery, etc
2. List of personal information collection

The list of information and its purpose to collect it is as follows, the company collect the information by saving the information provided by their own, and automatically generated log and cookie in the server.

  • 1) Provided information by customers: name, e-mail address, password as essential information, and the information like, age group, travel style, facebook account are optional.
  • 2) In order to confirm the mission, and consulting: phone number (moble and land line), and other contact details
3. Processing and retention of personal information

Customer’s personal information will be processed and hold only during the service provision. However, it is possible to hold for confirmation of transaction-related rights and obligations relationship described hereafter, or In accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

  • - Sign up and maintenance records: 1 year, but it can be hold until Receivables / payables related transaction settlement when there is an uncompleted receivables / payables transaction.
  • - Records regarding a contract or cancellation: 5 years
  • - Records relating to the supply of payments and goods: 5 years
  • - Records of consumer complaints or disputes handled: 3 years
  • - Records relating to the display / advertising: 6 months