Korea is the most beautiful place in the world.
Everyone loves to visit!

This is a share travel plaform where it offeres services for the foreign travelers who want see backcountry of Korea with locals, and to experience culture of Korea.

MustGoKorea carry out missions to visit the 100 most attractive travel sites selected by Korea tourism organisation with foreign travelers.
"host" is a user who register travel schedule, "guest" is a user who aprticipate in the travel and "mission" means the travel they go together.
It offers a chance for a foreign traveler to communicate and travel with locals,
and for the host who leads the travel can intoduce the true beauty of Korea and culture while he or she can share ideas with foreign friends freely.
Don't you want to introduce the beauty of Korea to foreign friends even with difficulty of communication due to language and with inexperience?
We are confident that the Republic of Korea has the world's best country to travel
We hope all people of the world visit Korea.