Korea is the most beautiful place in the world.
Everyone loves to visit!
What are the qualifications to be a host?
A host is not a travel guide. Therefore,any Korean or anyone who reside in Korea can be a host. A host can enter a mission and travel with foreigner. However, host must have a mobile phone to authenticate himself. This a way to secure safety for guests.
Can a host participate in a mission of other host?
of course. A host can join in other host's mission. The diference of host member and guest member is by whether a mission is registered or not.
Does the mission sites need to be the 100 selected sites?
No, the mission sites do not need to be the 100 selected sites. However, it is recommended to show various part of Korea other than Seoul and Kyunggi province for the consideration of the interest of foriegn visitors.
What are the disadvantages arising from the canceled mission?
unilateral cancelation by a host will be revealed on the next mission details that the host wil register, which may affect the decision of guests. Therefore plese do your best not to cancel the registered mission.
Do I need to receive the full entry fee when first meeting with a guest take place?
Although MustGoKorea do not involve in payment of entry fee, we recommend to receive a half atthe beginning and the other half at the end of the mission for the mutual trust.
How about the mission fee?
MustGoKorea do not receive any missin fee yet. However, please enter reviews and authetification shots of pictures to advertise Korea worldwidely.
Can I choose guests?
when you resister your mission, please make clear of features of the mission. When difficulties are expected due to language or other reasons, please decline the application politely. However it is clear that declination due to sex and race is not allowed.
What are other principles a host must follow?
- a guest who applied for the mission is an importent person who visit Korea. Please show a lot of ggod aspects of Korea.
- Please do not create a conflict arising from cultural differences. We need to consider others for pleasant relatioship.
- Do not dwell on money. Being a host is not for monetary profit.
What are the qualifications to be the guest?
anyone who visit Korea can be a guest. Please on in the mission suggested by a host to enjoy Korea the most.
How can I trust the host?
please check on SNS reviews, other evaluations of the host. Host is a person who authetified by having korean mobile phone. This is to assure the
Who are the hosts?
they are not tour guides, but ordinary people who live in Korea and know well enough to show dynamic Korea . Therefore, not like the tour guides, they are willingly to offer for guests to experience lives in Korea.
Does the host work for profit?
No, the people who are registered on this site do not lead missions for profits. Hosts are the people who willingly advertise beautiful Korea to foreign travelers. They are not working here as a job or for own profit. However, the expenses of a host is adviced to be paied by guests.
what is mission?
We call ,a share travel plan entered by host who are going to travel with, "Mission". We offer oppotunities for foreign travelers to be able to vist every corner of Korea, and oppotunity to meet Korean people and experience culture.
Are missions entered by professional guides?
No, the missions offered on MustGoKorea is complitely different from professional guides's. Most hosts who work here are not working for tour coany, they are ordinary people who like to advertise Korea and to meet foreign travelers
I would like to register a Mission. Are there required qualifications and limitations for registering a mission?
Host members who are authenticated by mobile phone account can register mission. The contents of mission must meet the standard of social norms. If it is bleached, mustgokorea can restrict the mission arbitrarily.
Do you charge for missions?
Hosts register missions and guests can join in. Hosts must inform the expected expense in advance, and there is no need to pay the hosts, because they are not working for money. However, the expense for the host is adviced to be paied by guests. otherwise any types of fees can not be asked or payed.